The project DISENEX – Disability Entrepreneurship Expert focuses on five of the eight main areas of action defined in the European Disability Strategy 2012-2020: accessibility, participation, equality, employment, education, and training. Self-employment, according to the OECD (2014) research, supports active economic and social involvement, allows for greater flexibility in workload, work hours, and location, and provides more elasticity in managing with handicap than is frequently seen in employment.


Economic integration is a decisive aspect in the inclusion of individuals with disabilities since it not only allows them to live a self-determined life but also adds to their social acknowledgment. We want to build up the autonomy and self-confidence of the disadvantaged groups, so our project aims at supporting people with disabilities to identify and develop their own strengths and skills.


Based on the DISENEX - Disability Entrepreneurship Expert, the DISENEX+East project strengthens the international exchange of innovative ideas and experiences between civil society actors in Europe, the Eastern Partnership countries and Russia and aims to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities and make (social) entrepreneurship more understandable and accessible.

The project is co-funded by the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany.

DISENEX – Disability Entrepreneurial Expert

What we do

We want to build up the autonomy of the disadvantaged groups, so our project aims at supporting people with disabilities to identify and develop their own strengths and skills:

  • we motivate
  • we inform
  • we facilitate training

Project’s results

To complete our goals we have elaborated sereval products:

  • DISENEX Methodology and Guidelines
  • DISENEX Learning Video
  • DISENEX Database & Portal
  • Teacher Trainings and Pilot Trainings

Our news

Read our news about:

  • the state of project
  • the social entreprenuership in your country
  • social entreprenuers with disabilities

and many more.

DISENEX Partners


INTAMT initiates and coordinates transnational education, consulting, and social projects, funded by the EU Commission (including ERASMUS+), UNICEF, World Bank, GIZ, the Federal Government of the Federal Republic of Germany , German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, German Foreign Office, etc.

CEIPES – International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development (Italy) is a non-profit organisation founded in 2007 and based in Palermo, Italy. It leads a Network of more than 8 European and extra European associations focused on Education, Training and Social Development.


Izmir Governorship represents the central government at provincial level. It is the highest public authority in the province and has a big structure that coordinates all activities in Izmir, the third biggest city in Turkey with 4 million population.

Fønix (Norway)


Fønix (Norway) bases its service provision on each persons' individual need for assistance, regarding their work capacity. “Individual Placement and Support” and “Supported Employment” is benchmark methodology, applied for the group of jobseekers in need of an extensive follow up in the open labor market.

OZARA (Slovenia)

OZARA - The mission of OZARA d.o.o. is the training and employment of persons with disabilities at certain specific workplaces that require the adaptation of production and service activities, whilst being part of a competitive market-economy system.

Social Entrepreneurs


Toma Kakabadze


Roman Aranin




Vlad Andreev

Anush Aslanyan



Olga Afanas


Suren Maghakyan



Ana Goguadze



Aleksandr Makarchuk




Serghei Obade


Aleksandr Makhortov



Olga Poloshovez


Andrej Zelenov



Ashot Mkrtchyan



Rights Defense Center for Women with Disabilities "AGATE" was founded in 2017 with a mission to promote the civic, social-economic, educational, healthcare and cultural rights enforcement of young girls and women with disabilities in the Republic of Armenia through advocacy, information dissemination, raising awareness and collaboration.

Association "ANIKA" (Georgia)

Association “Anika” (Georgia) is one of the leading disabled people’s organizations in Georgia, founded in 1997 and till then mainly focuses on protecting rights of Disabled people and their integration into society.

"WHITE CANE" (Russia)


“White Cane” (Russia) is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 by people with visual impairments.

The Association "MOTIVATIE" (Moldova)

The Association "MOTIVATIE" is a non-governmental, apolitical organization registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova in 2002 January.

"National Assembly of People with Disabilities of Ukraine"



"National Assembly of People with Disabilities of Ukraine" (NAPD) is a public association of 126 organizations of people with disabilities from all regions of Ukraine.

"BY THE OWL" (Belarus)

"By the Owl" is a foundation that has been in charge of several projects in the field of social inclusion for people with different types of disabilities since it started operating in 2018.




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