Video Shooting in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine

Our DISENEX+East project continues until the very end of the year! In the last December weeks, we are filming in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, to record stories of people with a disability who have created and developed social enterprises to make a positive difference in their own lives, as well as the lives of those around them. This week’s filming continues in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Good practice examples of PWDs that have found themselves in various trades were captured during the shootings. These, and other stories already shot in Armenia, Georgia and Moldova will become a motivating part of a DISENEX (Disability Entrepreneurship Expert) Portal, consisting of over 40 episodes, picturing successful cases of self-employment and entrepreneurship among people with disabilities. Besides filming, representatives of INTAMT and local partner organisations (At the Owl, NAIU, Everland, White Cane) met with representatives of other NGOs and local administrations to gain first-hand information on the national situation regarding professional inclusion in respective countries and regions, to elicit further intensifying international collaboration and know-how exchange aimed to support the further development of social entrepreneurship and inclusive startup infrastructure. One such meeting took place on the 13th of December when the team of Yuri Nikitin and Lora Gantyuk and Olexander Prillutzki talked to the vice-mayor of Cherkasy (UA), Marina Garkawa. She showed a great interest in the DISENEX+East project that was presented to her! Using the opportunity, the general situation with social inclusion of people with disabilities in the region was also discussed.

Aleksandr Makarchuk (Belarus)

DISENEX+East, co-funded by the German Foreign Office and implemented in cooperation with civil society organisations of the Eastern Partnership countries and Russia is a regional extension of the DISENEX project that promotes the idea of social entrepreneurship across Europe and is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the EU. In the coming weeks, the first videos will be presented. Later they will also be available on the DISENEX web portal, dedicated to (social) entrepreneurship of persons with disabilities.

Aleksandr Makhortov (Russia)

At the DISENEX portal you will be able to:

  • see the video stories of entrepreneurs with disability from 12 countries,
  • take free online courses on social entrepreneurship, that we have selected for you,
  • find information about the legislation and support possibilities for starting a social enterprise. 

There will be a lot of exciting news of the DISENEX (Disability Entrepreneurship Expert) project coming to you in 2022!

Lora Gantyuk (Ukraine), Yuri Nikitin (Germany), Marina Garkawa (Ukraine), Olexander Prillutzki (Ukraine)

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